Thesis title: Costume Design in Finnish Contemporary Dance, 2000-2015

Thesis title: Digital Character Costume Design in Computer-animated Feature Films

Thesis title: Experiential Space. Creating Scenographic Interpretations through Children's World of Experience

Thesis title: Dressing Poetics: Costume in the Soviet Poetic Cinema

Thesis title: The theatricality of the Everyday through Costume expressions of fandom and drag.

Thesis title: Keepin’ it Fresh: An Actor-Network Theory account of Body, Dress and Space in Contemporary Hip-Hop Dance Performance

Thesis title: Performance Wearables and Landscapes at DALab: Examining the Use of Wearable Technology and Interactive Environments within the Choreographic Practice and Performance of Wayne McGregor’s Work

Thesis title: Screen-to-measure: Designing Patterns from Film Costumes, a Practice-Based and Historical Study of Edith Head’s Costume Designs in the 1940s Noir Thriller

Thesis title: How Do the Archive Materials and Costume Objects in the Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection: Theatre Archives and Stage Costume: Special Collection influence current costume practices

Thesis title: Costume making as practice of phenomenology: an embodied approach to materiality and movement in the creation of movement-wearables

Thesis title: Free Markets: Curatorial Strategies for Propositional Fashion Practices

Thesis title: Costuming an outlaw: The palimpsestic image of mythical masculinity in cinematic representations of Robin Hood

Thesis title: Embodied Fashion Practices: New Symbiotic Interactions Between Body and Garments Across the Skin

Thesis title: Costuming as an Authorial Practice: Reading, and Re-Authoring an Assemblage of Everyday Aesthetic Womenswear from the Birmingham School of Art c1795-1885

Thesis title: BioCostume: Experimental Costume Design with Biobased Co-Actants

Thesis title: Designing luxury: shifting experiences of materials and value through fashion practice

Thesis title: Fashionable Looks: Image – Garment – Wearer

Thesis title: Pitying the Vessel: Tragedy, Truth, and Post-Singularity Redistribution

Thesis title: Trauma and Repair: exploring family dysfunction and its inherent legacy through constructed objects, costume and the self-portrait.

Thesis title: The elusive encounter: an exploration of memory and trauma through an expanded spatial practice.

Thesis title: Costume in Art Education and Institution