Amanda Newall

Amanda Newall

PhD Student, Chelsea College of Arts UAL

Research Summary: My art practice led PhD seeks to try out and understand costume in new ways within the context
of contemporary art. The research/practice will test what costume can do as a critical pedagogic tool within art, education and institution; furthermore it will explore whether costume can perform an emancipatory function in the context of art institutions by signifying/embodying social roles that can be manipulated, subverted, played with, and so on; finally It will through different live and performative situations, test the capacity of costume in academic and arts professional contexts to redress and legitimize costume as an artistic practice in relation to interest areas such as the educational turn, tactical media, and relational aesthetics. I create bespoke costumes to be utilised for one off events. Events which interact with/within key aspects of site, environment, storytelling, narrative, enactment and agency, to allow conversation
to take place. 


Biography: Amanda Newall bio- interdisciplinary artist and educator. Institutional posts include; The Royal Institute of Art Stockholm Sweden, Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Art Lancaster University and a series of posts in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Exhibitions include; Austin Tea Rooms Sculpture on the Peninsula, Hotel Jaguar, Exposed Arts Projects London, The Nordic Biennial Momentum 9 ‘Alienation’ Norway. The Hoover Diaries film, tour of NZ. Other exhibitions include galleries in Aotearoa, Australia, America, South America and Europe. Grants and awards include: Recipient of the 2021 Olivia Spencer Bower art award (differed to 2022 due to covid). Shortlisted for the Wallace awards and included in the touring show, shortlisted for the Rupert Bunny Award Australia, Swedish Arts Council funding, New Zealand Arts Council funding, STINT, IASPIS Sweden. Public presentations include: The International Award for Public Art, University of Paris 1 Sorbonne, ISEA Canada and Singapore, TATE Liverpool, Umea Academy of Fine Arts.

Supervisor: Dave Beech


Man dressed in green and black hoodie

Ezra Newall – wearing a collaborative hoodie Amanda Newall /image Olav Westphalen. There are holes inside the pouch for tactile interactivity.