Jude Worters

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Jude Worters

RMIT PhD Student

Research Summary:

The primary research for this PhD study is a studio-based investigation that seeks to contribute to current discourse in relation to family dysfunction and the legacy of trauma. The research reflects on both personal experience and a broader scope of psychological damage, protection, and self-repair. An emphasis on psychological states and defence-mechanisms under-pin the artworks created. This current body of work employs a stitching methodology and repurposed/salvaged textiles to explore concepts of loss, self-protection, and psychic recovery. Costume, self-dramatisation and the self-portrait, are a very recent development in my research and explore notions of identity and repressed aspects of the self. Costume signals a different aspect of self, one other than that expressed through daily dress. Costume allows drama, theatricality, and gesture to speak to identity, creati Fivity and hidden aspects of the self. Wearing a costume enables a separation from daily existence and allows for a ritualistic and transformative experience to aid in deconstruction of identity and to give expression to repressed emotion and alternate aspects of self. At this stage in my research costume offers greater creative possibilities for role-play and performative self-dramatisation in addressing the themes and concerns of this PhD project. 



Jude Worters is a New Zealander, now based in Melbourne Australia. She is currently engaged in a PhD research project at RMIT university in Melbourne. Jude completed her Masters of Fine Art at RMIT University in 2016. Prior to commencing this study, Jude taught Art/Studio Art at the Council for Adult Education-VCE College, 2000-2015.

Supervisors: Laresa Kosloff, Richard Harding


Lady dressed in red and white costume

Photo of Jude’s work