Katherine Rees

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Katherine Rees

Alumni, London College of Fashion, UAL

Biography: Katie Rees is exploring the potential of wearable technology in the choreographic dance process. She holds a Bachelor in Performing Arts from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and MA in Dance Studies (distinction) from the University of Roehampton, in addition to being a qualified dance teacher. Katie will be working in the Digital Anthropology Lab and Design for Performance Research Hub as part of her research. She is the first researcher to receive a new London College of Fashion and Studio Wayne McGregor PhD Funding Award. The two partner organisations, soon to be neighbours in Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, will support researchers who want to engage with both dance and fashion, and east London.

Supervisors: Veronika Kapsali, Douglas Atkinson, Jane Harris

Katie was inspired by Becoming – a digital installation as part of Thinking with the Body at the Wellcome Collection; photography by David Bickerstaff, courtesy of Studio Wayne McGregor.